Can You Get a Used Mac book Air for a Good Price?

Jun 23, 2022 | Blogs, Refurbished Laptops

Used Mac book Air computers can be great deals, especially if you’re looking to save money on your next computer purchase. However, some people are wary of buying used electronics—they worry that they’ll get ripped off or that the product won’t work properly. That doesn’t have to be the case, though! In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about buying a used Mac book Air, whether it’s your first time buying used tech or your twentieth.

Why I bought a used Macbook

What initially led me to look into buying used hardware was that my old MacBook Pro died. I had recently graduated from college and got my first real job, so there were only two options when it came to replacing my computer: buy a new one or get a refurbished model. When I realized how much of a difference there was in price, I decided to go with an older laptop. The specific model I ended up getting wasn’t as fast as some of its newer counterparts, but at least it worked!

Where to find good deals

There are many places where you can buy good deals on used apple macbooks. Here are some of them: local classifieds, craigslist, eBay, and even in-person at your neighborhood pawn shop. For example, buying from Amazon gives you a huge selection and allows you to compare prices from different sellers. Apple is expensive; with used laptops, buyers know that they’re getting top quality products without having to pay retail. It’s not as difficult as it sounds!

Why you don’t need AppleCare

If you’re buying a used Certified Refurbished macbook air, AppleCare isn’t required because it only applies to new items. If you do want insurance when buying a used computer, check out SquareTrade. It protects against many issues, including loss or damage from theft or natural disasters and accidental damage.

How much should you expect to pay

There’s no set price on a used MacBook Air. For example, if you’re browsing eBay or It Asset Solutions and find one that’s near-new, don’t expect to pay much less than $1,000; some sellers are asking as much as $2,300. If you see one with minimal wear and tear that’s less than 2 years old (and it hasn’t been updated recently), there should be little problem getting $800-$900 out of it.

What to do when things go wrong

If you’re purchasing a used machine, you’ll want to make sure you have some recourse if it fails or doesn’t perform as advertised. If possible, purchase through Apple—even though it’s more expensive than purchasing elsewhere, it comes with better warranty and repair options that may be worth it in your situation.

6 Key Things to Consider When Shopping for a Used Macbook Air

When shopping for used laptops or even new ones, you should make sure that it has several core features before buying it. You might be able to get one cheaper without these features, but do you want to put your data at risk?

Here are 6 key things you should look for in your next laptop purchase.

1. Make sure it comes with anti-virus software;

2. This is especially important if you’re thinking about purchasing a used laptop: find out how old its operating system is;

3. Do some research and see what kind of warranty is available;

4. Find out what type of ports and connections it has, as well as what kind of battery life it offers;

5. If you’re planning on using your laptop for work or school, find out whether there are any special programs installed (i.e., Microsoft Office);

6. Consider buying an extended warranty plan for added peace of mind.


While it’s true that you can get some used mac book air models at a bargain price, there are factors you should consider before deciding on whether or not to purchase one. The best route may be to save your money and purchase a new model. Regardless of which path you choose, making an informed decision about your purchasing options is always better than choosing based on impulse or convenience.


What are the pros and cons of buying a refurbished mac book air?

The pros of buying a refurbished mac book air are that it is cheaper than a new one, and it may come with a warranty.

The cons are that it may not be as new as a new one, and the warranty may not be as good.

What are some of the things you should look for when buying a refurbished mac book air?

-The condition of the device

-The warranty that comes with it -The price

How do you know if a refurbished mac book air is a good deal?

1. You can check the reviews of the refurbished mac book air to get an idea of its quality.

2. The price of a refurbished mac book air may be lower than a new one, so it can be a good deal.

3. Make sure the warranty is still valid if you decide to buy a refurbished mac book air.

Where can you find refurbished mac book airs for sale?

1. On eBay

2. On the Apple website

3. In a physical store like Best Buy, It Asset Solutions etc.

What should you do if you have a problem with your refurbished mac book air?

1. Contact the seller or manufacturer if you have a problem with your refurbished mac book air.

2. Take the device to an Apple store or other authorized service center.

3. Try resetting the device to plant settings.

4. Restore the device from a backup.