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It is crucial that businesses upgrade to newer, more efficient hardware and replace old and outdated equipment due to the constant changes in information technology. How will you dispose of your old equipment when you no longer need them? Oftentimes, unwanted electronics, which include computers, servers, and storage devices, are carelessly disposed of in landfills, creating health and environmental hazards as well as preventing repurposed uses for the technology.

 Therefore, IT Asset Solutions LLC makes it easier for companies of all sizes to get rid of unwanted technology in a manner that is more reasonable, more efficient, and more cost-effective than just throwing the items away. We help you dispose of your old equipment in a safe, secure and cost-effective manner at the end of its life cycle.

Technology Solutions offered by IT Asset Solutions LLC

A leading provider of IT asset disposal services in the country, IT Asset Solutions is a leading provider of ITAD services, such as processing, remarketing, recycling, refurbishing, and disposal of IT assets. Your goals for your IT assets can be achieved with the expertise, resources, and experience of our team.

 With our portfolio of IT services and solutions, we offer IT Services and solutions both to businesses and to consumers.

Services we provide include;

IT Asset Disposition

Your IT journey will be safe, secure and environmentally friendly with IT Asset Solutions’ IT Asset Disposition and Life Cycle Support Services. From the moment your data is collected, it is handled only by security vetted staff, in order to permanently erase it.

Data Destruction

IT Asset Solutions data destruction process safeguards your sensitive information, eliminating the risks that come with data exposure. All storage media received by our facility are subjected to certified data sanitization. With us, both data destruction and auditing are transparent.

IT Asset Remarketing

As an IT reselling company with years of experience, IT Asset Solutions is known for successfully remarketing your IT assets. You can maximize the return on your old equipment with our experienced sales team and extensive customer base.

Refurbished Laptops

The IT Asset Solutions facility specializes in refurbishing and repairing a wide range of IT assets at an affordable price. Using our facility’s strong capabilities, we can provide your assets with the highest resale value through the secondary market.

Electronics Recycling

In addition to protecting your private information from hackers and thieves, IT Asset Solutions will help you comply with e-waste guidelines. No one is better suited to provide comprehensive solutions to corporate e-waste management than us.

Value Recovery

Through our secure value recovery services, we are able to help you minimize losses, ensure a sustainable way of disposing old and retired IT assets, as well as provide you with a way to recover your operating costs resulting from the sale of your old and retired IT assets.


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Utilize IT Asset Solutions LLC to perform a comprehensive evaluation of your IT assets. We provide packing and transport services as well as technical decommissioning. We provide a documented and compliant way to delete and destroy your data. Our global network allows us to offer our clients the best value for their equipment.