IT Asset Recycling


IT Asset Solutions: Your Trusted Partner for Eco-Friendly and Compliant IT Asset Recycling

At IT Asset Solutions, we recognize the importance of responsible and compliant IT asset recycling. We offer a comprehensive range of services to help you dispose of your outdated IT assets in an eco-friendly manner, while complying with all applicable regulations.

Our services include:

Data security: We erase all data from your IT assets before recycling them, ensuring that your personal information is protected

Logistics: We offer nationwide and worldwide recycling services, so you can rest assured that your assets are being disposed of responsibly.

Product resale: We work with you to maximize the value of your assets by reselling them whenever possible.

IT asset recycling: We recycle your IT assets in an environmentally friendly manner, turning them into new products and materials.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and compliance.

Our processes are aligned with all applicable e-waste recycling regulations.

Why Choose IT Asset Solutions?

  • Certified e-waste recycling facilities
  • Closed-loop approach
  • Full compliance with e-waste recycling regulations
  • Comprehensive reporting and inventory tracking

Recommendations for Recycling Old IT Assets

  • Erase all data from your IT assets before recycling them.
  • Take your IT assets to a designated recycling center.
  • Ensure that your IT assets undergo proper recycling.

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