Data Destruction

Data Destruction is the process of permanently deleting data from a storage device. Once data is destroyed, it can never be recovered. Data wiping is a cheaper and faster option, but it’s not always 100% effective. Data erasure is a newer method that is becoming more popular, as it is more secure than data wiping.

When it comes to Data Destruction, there are a few different ways to go about it. You can choose to physically destroy the data storage device, or you can choose to delete the data using specialized software. Physical data destruction is the process of destroying the physical media that data is stored on. This could involve shredding the data storage device, breaking it into pieces, or burning it.

Deleting data using specialized software is a process of using a program that is designed to overwrite the data on a storage device so that it can no longer be recovered. This is often considered to be a more secure method of data destruction as it is more difficult to recover data that has been overwritten.




Data Destruction Services

Businesses and individuals are worried about the secure destruction of data as the world moves towards a more digital future. When data is destroyed, it cannot be recovered from a storage device because it has been permanently deleted from it. If you are selling a used computer and you are concerned about the new owner’s access to your personal data. You will not need to be concerned about the security, responsibility, environmental friendliness, or efficiency of a revamp, upgrade, consolidation, confidential document disposal, or large computing network if you are working with IT Asset Solutions LLC.

Destruction techniques for hard drives, SSDs, and flash drives are used by IT Asset Solutions

IT Asset Solutions supports the erasure of data on laptops, servers, local area networks (LANs), and network-attached storage (NAS). We help our clients keep unnecessary chargebacks to a minimum by simplifying equipment returns. As part of our data disposal services, we repair, perform cosmetic refurbishing, remove the company-applied asset tags, destroy data, and pack and ship lease equipment back to the leasing company.

●     The degaussing process

Intended for use with loose magnetic media such as disks, tapes, and CDs. Using powerful electromagnetic fields, data is destroyed. A permanent magnetic charge prevents the data from being recovered.  Data can be degaussed quickly and easily. Magnetic drives and tapes are the only devices that can be degaussed. Data on solid-state hard drives are not destroyed by degaussing.

●     Crushing of hard drives

Suitable for Magnetic heads for hard drives, and solid-state drives. Perfect for small projects (no more than 500 drives). Data disposal of hard drives in small quantities is quick and convenient with our hard drive crushers.

●     Shredding of hard drives

The clients who do not wish to reuse or resell their data-bearing media have them destroyed in a physical manner. Data-bearing media is destroyed with high-capacity shredders by IT Asset Solutions. The hard drive is shredded into small pieces by our on-site hard drive shredders, so it’s impossible to reconstruct.

●     A data erasure technique

The process of erasing data involves writing random data over the data on a media. Either software or hardware can be used for the secure destruction of data.

The steps in our data destruction method are as follows:

  • Within 24 hours, we can pick up your assets, and we pick up the orders on time.
  • Our facility records your asset’s serial numbers, inspects them thoroughly, and scans them once it arrives.
  • Following the scanning of the IT Asset, we know which method is most suitable for erasing the data. You can recycle, repurpose, or dispose of your IT devices after we erase all their confidential information.

Why Choose IT Asset Solutions for Data Destruction?

  • You can either schedule a pickup in advance or call to schedule an on-demand pickup, allowing you to view the physical destruction of your drive, or we can pick up your drive off-site at a facility near you.
  • At every step of the shredding process, every touchpoint is secure to maintain the confidentiality of our client’s data.
  • Each service is accompanied by a certificate of destruction of hard drives.
  • Local partners secure the recycling of materials.
  • Your business will be assisted by specialists who can customize services that suit your needs.
  • Data and IT assets can be disposed of and destroyed without risk and in a sustainable manner when you engage our services.
  • The IT assets that we dispose of properly do not end up in landfills but are instead recycled using methods that are more sustainable.

There are a few different methods of Data Destruction

  1. Physical Destruction

This is the most surefire way to destroy data. Physical destruction involves destroying the physical media that the data is stored on. This could be done by shredding, crushing, or burning the media.

  1. Degaussing

Degaussing is a process of using a strong magnetic field to erase the data on a piece of media. This is a very effective method, but it can only be used on certain types of media (like magnetic tapes and hard drives).

  1. Data Erasure

Data erasure is a process of overwriting the data on a piece of media with random data. Data erasure can be done using software or special hardware devices.

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